PCB Design and Fabrication

MiniRF is your one-stop-shop EMS provider for PCB design and fabrication. We have a PCB design center with experienced designers. We can do PCB design, PCB FAB, SMT & Assembly, total turnkey production.

PCB design

  • Large PCB design center with experienced designers
  • SCH and Netlist
  • SCH/PCB Libraries
  • High-Speed PCB design
  • A/D PCB design
  • HDI design
  • High-speed backplane
  • FPC, Rigid FPC
  • IC Test board
  • Buried design
  • Substrate

PCB Fabrication

  • 2-64 layers; Quick turn
  • Prototype , Small volume , Mass production
  • HDI, FPC, Rigid FPC, Metal base
  • Quick Lead Time, Delivery on time


  • ISO9001
  • ISO14000
  • UL
  • RoHS


  • FUJI SMT Machine


CNC Routing Flying Probe Tester E-tester S/M Printing


Our PCBA factories are located in Shenzhen with 8 SMT lines and Shanghai bonded area with 4 lines. As we have both local and oversea facilities, we can provide prototype, medium and high volume in a very short lead time.


Free Component Promotion

  • Provide all 0603 and 0402 Capacitor and Resistor in stock
  • Provide all 0603 and 0402 Capacitor and Resistor by free for prototype, Yageo brand
  • Parts Supply: provide whole BOM parts
  • SMT support 01005, 0201, etc.
  • PCBA Assembly, Packing, Testing in house
  • BGA Rework