About MiniRF

MiniRF is a new name for a passive component company with over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience. The company was originally formed by PDI (Premier Devices Inc) in the early 1990’s, was acquired by Sirenza Microdevices in 2006 which in turn was acquired by RFMD in 2007. MiniRF has returned to its roots, focusing strictly on passive components.

MiniRF is dedicated to providing quality RF passive components at competitive prices for existing and emerging Broadband/CATV and Wireless Communications Systems. MiniRF is a proven leader in supplying high performance surface mount passive components. MiniRF components are found in the products of many of the world’s largest suppliers of communications products with nearly a billion units shipped.

MiniRF designs and manufactures both standard and custom transformers, couplers, splitters, mixers and chokes. We specialize in delivering quality surface mount passive components and devices. A ferrite core is found in almost every MiniRF product. The performance of MiniRF's product depends on the magnetic properties of the core and its interaction with the wire wrapped around it. Winding cores is a specialized manual process and therefore labor intensive. RF performance will vary with minor differences in how the wire is wound to the core, so careful attention to manufacturing detail is documented from sourcing materials all the way through testing. All MiniRF manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified.

The market for wire wrapped ferrite based RF components is very competitive so attention to material cost and tight management of our processes are important. The management team understands this and is committed to deliver volume quality products at competitive prices.

Global Experience with Local Design Expertise

MiniRF surface mount Couplers, Transformers, Splitters and Chokes are found in global manufacturers of RF communications equipment delivering high performance video , voice and data worldwide. MiniRF has designed countless models and manufactured hundreds of million devices over its history. Our twenty five years of seasoned experience aids in our ability to develop the right passive solutions for your RF circuit design. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our ability to provide rapid custom design solutions in volume at a cost not significantly higher than our standard products. Additionally, the team at MiniRF is also easy to work with and our products offer some of the smallest and lowest profiles in the industry! Custom designs are developed locally in the US, and are based on well proven platforms for rapid prototyping and customer feedback. Designs are then transferred to pre-production in our factory for manufacturability of the product. Please contact your local sales representative with your special requirements or contact us directly at:sales@MiniRF.com

Your solution is merely a phone call away!


ISO 9001 Manufacturing Operations/100% Testing

MiniRF manufacturing operations are in multiple overseas facilities that have been operating for nearly 25 years. These facilities have been manufacturing passives under the strict guidelines and our mission of Quality without Compromise! The facilities are ISO9001 certified and utilized skilled experienced assembly operators. All products are Lead Free and RHOS compliant. Every product on the manufacturing line undergoes 100% RF testing before shipment. Calibration schedule of manufacturing and test hardware is strictly adhered to. MiniRF materials and operational management enable our shorter than Industry- lead times. Products are available in 13” tape and reel with 1000pcs standard quantity. For any quantity over 100pcs, we also offer custom quantity tape and reel. 


Balun Docsis 3.1

MiniRF provides surface mount balun, docsis 3.1 balun for silicon valley technology companies and beyond. MiniRF baluns are compact, provide high performance and have a very low profile. MiniRF is dedicated to providing quality RF passive components at competitive prices for existing and emerging Broadband/CATV and Wireless Communications Systems. Please see PDF Here: Balun Docsis 3.1 PDF