Custom Air Core Wire Wound Inductors

MiniRF can realize your custom air core wire wound inductor designs. We will solve your inductor challenges across the range of applications from RF chokes to precision inductances. We can produce air core wire wound inductors with wire diameters from 0.060 mm (0.0025 in) to 5 mm (0.200 in) in both single layer and multilayer, air-core, coil configurations.


Single Layer RF Chokes Single Layer Inductors Multilayer RF Chokes Multilayer Inductors


Custom Flat Wire High Current Power Inductors

For lower frequency, high current applications, MiniRF is your source for custom inductor designs. DC/DC converters and other high power applications benefit from the flat wire profile. Contact us with your challenging power inductor requirements.

Flat Wire Inductors High Current Inductor DC/DC Converter Coil